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Dorothy Napangardi


Dorothy Napangardi Robinson was born in the early 1950s in the Mina Mina area of the Tanami Desert, about 400km north west of Alice Springs. After growing up "bush" with no exposure to white man, she moved with her family to Yuendumu settlement and in 1987 began painting.

Originally she pursued the style she learned from her fellow artist Eunice Napangardi and followed the colour orientated approach of the classicists of Warlpiri art such as Judy Watson Napangardi. Since around 1998, her art has evolved into a new, distinctive and very individual style which revolves around dotted representations of the landscape around Mina Mina, often exploring different and intricate representations of its salt pans and sand hills. Whilst Dorothy does sometimes use colour, it tends to be only in a subtle and minimalistic manner. Her art concentrates on movement to capture the viewer.

Dorothy is a 2001 Telstra Award winner and is represented in major public and private collections worldwide.

Dorothy Napangardi passed away under tragic circumstances in June 2013.

There is currently no artwork available for Dorothy Napangardi



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